Visual mobile app development

Lightning fast app creation.

欧洲杯官网投注 A powerful app builder that delivers a smooth developer experience for teams building with Ionic & Angular. Get started with the fastest and easiest way to create award-winning, cross-platform apps, from a single tool.

Ionic Studio Screenshot Ionic Studio Screenshot

Empower your team. Drive digital transformation.

  • Create beautiful apps in minutes

    欧洲杯官网投注 Build real apps in minutes for iOS, Android, PWAs, and more—using one codebase and access to a rich library of 100+ reusable UI components

  • Tackle your development backlog

    欧洲杯官网投注 Give your team the tools they need to meet the demand for mobile and desktop apps. Studio makes it easy to deliver modern frontend experiences for all of your legacy apps and core ERP or CRM solutions.

  • Ship with ease

    As part of the Ionic Development Platform, Studio integrates with our mobile DevOps suite, Ionic Appflow, which makes it easier to build, test, update, and ship the powerful apps you build using this tool.

Superpowers for creating

欧洲杯官网投注 Drag and drop components directly into your app, which automatically adds code as you build. Move seamlessly between design and code to create apps, more visually, with live previews.

Ionic Studio Code Editor
  • Drag & Drop Components

    欧洲杯官网投注 Increase development speed with drag & drop support in both Code and Design mode.

  • Properties Editor

    欧洲杯官网投注 Highlight any component in code or design mode to view and edit all of its properties.

  • Full Code Portability

    Make changes outside of Studio and take your project with you at any time. Your code is always the source of truth.

Full-featured App Builder

Ionic Studio is a full code editor with TypeScript support, autocompletion, debugging and more. A single install delivers nearly every dependency, so you can focus on development instead.

Ionic Studio Screenshot
  • UI Component Library

    Drag & drop 100+ pre-built Ionic UI components directly into your project’s code. Then modify their properties live.

  • No Docs Required

    欧洲杯官网投注 With Ionic’s components at your fingertips, there’s no need to dig through pages of documentation to learn Ionic.

  • Secure Local Editor

    Studio’s secure, local editor works off the file system and plays nicely with other tools, and with new or existing projects.

Live Preview. Native & Web.

欧洲杯官网投注 Watch your app come to life in real-time, as you build it out. Preview your app live via the web and physical devices. You can also natively run your project as an iOS or Android app with the click of a button.

  • Live Preview

    Preview in a web browser to see how your app is coming together, with live reloading changes as you make them.

  • Native Simulators

    See how your app looks & feels across any variety of devices by running your app in iOS and Android native simulators.

  • On Device

    Connect Studio locally to your physical devices to view and interact with apps in development.

All of your app, in one place.

As part of the Ionic Development Platform, Ionic Studio欧洲杯官网投注 helps you manage your entire development project, and every phase of the app lifecycle.

  • Assets & Config

    Quick and easy way to manage all of your assets and files, config properties, app name and description, and more.

  • Theme Editing

    Easily change and customize the colors in your app with a graphical interface that sits on top of your CSS files.

  • Cordova project control

    Easily add and manage Cordova plugins and platforms for iOS & Android. Use Studio’s one-click repair to fix Cordova projects.

  • coming soon CI/CD integration

    One-click integration with Ionic Appflow, a powerful suite of mobile DevOps services for every phase of the application lifecycle.