Over the next few weeks we’re going to open up several positions. I wanted to quickly expand on what those roles entail and what the day to do day looks like, and also share some insight into what we do here at Ionic day in and day out!

欧洲杯官网投注We’re going to start with sales engineering and solutions architecture (Customer Success). These roles help pre- and post-sales to help our enterprise customers get the most value out of their Ionic investment and would be great for Ionic users and community members who’d like to work at Ionic.

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I am incredibly excited to announce that Ionic has raised an additional $6M in funding, lead by pre Arthur Ventures, and with General Catalyst participating. This brings Ionic’s total funding to $18M from some wonderful investors.

欧洲杯官网投注I’d like to first thank our investors and advisors for your support in this process and your belief in Ionic. It means the world to us and we take your confidence in us very seriously. And thank you to the wonderful team here for your hard work, dedication, and focus on doing what is right for Ionic’s customers and users. Finally, thank you to the amazing community for building such wonderful apps and inspiring us each and every day. You are the backbone of Ionic and nothing we do would be possible without you.

Ionic is in a very interesting position today. As a startup that is on the cusp of profitability, we didn’t need to raise any more money. We decided last year that we wanted to run Ionic differently, and instead of raising larger and larger rounds of funding and spending dangerously, we wanted to build a company that would last. We reject the binary outcome of becoming a unicorn or crashing and burning, and we think employees and customers increasingly reject that, too. We believe the best way to be successful is to spend responsibly and focus relentlessly on delighting our customers and keeping our heads down. Our current investors are thrilled with that approach and believe it will lead to the best possible outcomes for all involved, including employees and customers.

That doesn’t mean Ionic isn’t ambitious or growing quickly! In fact, a key part of this raise was Ionic’s impressive growth in the enterprise over the last two years. In a little over 24 months, we’ve added 150 enterprise customers across nearly every industry on earth, and powering some seriously mission critical apps with millions of users and touching billions of dollars of revenue. Our entire mission is to help every company on earth become a software company regardless of what their actual core business is, because we believe embedding software into every corner of a company is not only the smart thing to do but increasingly required in order to stay competitive.

That mission is seriously resonating, and companies are finding Ionic’s balance of developer friendliness, productivity, cost-effectiveness, open source foundation, and enterprise-level of service to be very appealing. Especially in an industry where most technology is volunteer-driven or built to power an internal use case at a company rather than being in business for users of that technology.

And while Ionic has turned its commercial focus to the enterprise, the open source Ionic Framework continues to grow and prove that the open source community behind Ionic has so much more potential. Today Ionic apps power over 10% of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! And with recent releases supporting React and Vue and beginning to target the entire web development ecosystem (in addition to Angular!), the Ionic community is primed to go through a big transformation. We are keeping our promise to the community that we can balance being a strong enterprise business while also continuing to treat our open source products as the most important things we build, and releases like Ionic 5 prove that.

As we look forward to the rest of 2020 and beyond, we have a simple goal in mind: making app development easier. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do to make building apps more accessible, affordable, and efficient. That is leading us to imagine ways we can be more opinionated in some cases and build tooling around specific tasks every app developer has to perform but which don’t contribute meaningfully to what makes their app unique. We hope to take the wraps off some of those ideas later this year.

With that, it’s time to get back to the work. Thanks again to our investors, employees, and community for believing in this mission and finding it worthwhile. We believe the opportunity in front of Ionic is truly massive and we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. Thank you.

P.S. we’re hiring for a number of engineering and sales roles! Interested? Take a look at this post for more details.

Max Lynch
欧洲杯官网投注 Co-founder and CEO

Ionic React Testing Image

It’s 2020, and the testing frameworks for JavaScript applications have improved dramatically over the past few years.

Thanks to tools like Jest and React Testing Library, you can be testing your apps with a few lines of code.

Have you been looking into testing an Ionic React project, but not sure where to start? In this post, I’ll go over the basics of how to get started as we build out an app using tests.

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Today, I’m thrilled to announce Ionic Framework 5 (Magnesium)! 🎉

This release includes iOS 13 design updates, a brand new API for creating your own custom animations, revamped Ionicons, updated Ionic colors, new starter designs, improvements to component customization, and more!

All of these changes are made in the core of Ionic Framework, which also applies to our Angular, React, and Vue (beta) integrations. Yes, if you haven’t heard yet, we launched our official React support this past October!

Attend our upcoming live walkthrough of Ionic 5, hosted by the Ionic team.

Easy Upgrade ⛵️

You may be concerned about the upgrade process due to the fact that this is a major version release, but fret not! When we migrated to follow the semantic versioning convention, we committed ourselves to publish a major release when any known incompatible API changes were introduced. So in this case, the major version just indicates that our public API has been updated. And because we now use Web Components欧洲杯官网投注, API changes are handled separately between our UI components and the JavaScript framework.

Long story short: for those on v4, this upgrade should be easy.欧洲杯官网投注 Now, let’s dive in and see what’s new!

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ionicons feature image

Today, I’m excited to announce version 5 of , a hand-crafted set of premium open source icons for use across web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

Ionicons 5 builds on our previous Web Component icon foundation欧洲杯官网投注, bringing over 1200 icons and a totally new design approach.

Over 1200 icons 👀

欧洲杯官网投注Ionicons 5 brings a massive number of new icons, including new objects, brands, and actions. Every single icon has been lovingly redesigned to better reflect the latest mobile platform icon styles.

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terminal showing cli installation commands

TL;DR, we’re re-releasing the CLI package under a new name, @ionic/cli!
To update, first you will need to uninstall the old CLI package.

$ npm uninstall -g ionic
$ npm install -g @ionic/cli

You will still interact with the CLI via ionic欧洲杯官网投注 command, just how the CLI is installed has changed. And now, on with the blog post!

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欧洲杯官网投注New “Your First Ionic App” tutorials for Angular and React are now available! Learn the fundamentals of Ionic app development by creating a real app step by step.

In the tutorial, you’ll create a cross-platform Photo Gallery app: take photos with your device’s camera, display them in a grid, and store them permanently on the device.

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Today Google of their product, a no-code app building tool focused on helping business users build simple apps around a primarily no-code drag and drop and data modeling experience.

While many will see this as yet another nail in the coffin of Google’s enterprise-ready reputation, I see it as a warning for the entire no-code market.

You see, there’s one tiny problem with App Maker: none of the code it used under the hood was built on standards or could be taken out of App Maker.

And as if this were even a question, the shut down announcement made it clear as day:

Due to the specific source code used for App Maker, you can’t directly migrate your apps to another platform.

Oof! Talk about a disaster.

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The Release Candidate for Ionic 5.0.0 is finally here 🎉🎉!

As you’ve probably heard already, Ionic 5 will bring major design updates and lots of exciting new features to the Framework. We’ve been working on it for exactly a year now (today is the anniversary of Ionic 4) and now we’re excited to share this RC with the Ionic community.

At this point, we’ve made all of the changes we needed to and we’re looking for feedback from developers. With that in mind, there are a few breaking changes that people should be aware of. Most of these have had deprecation warnings for some time now and we have finally removed the API. For reference, we’ve documented all the breaking changes in a .

欧洲杯官网投注We’ll be diving into what all of the new features are in the coming weeks, but for eager devs, you can start testing out these updates by running the commands below.

We recommend updating to the latest version of 4.x before trying out version 5 in order to see deprecation warnings related to your app. To do this, update to latest Ionic 4 (npm i @ionic/angular or npm i @ionic/react), then run ionic serve in a terminal. Open the browser’s dev tools, then while you navigate around your app, yellow deprecation warnings will appear in the console.

# For Angular
npm install @ionic/angular@next

# For React
npm install @ionic/react@next
npm install @ionic/react-router@next
npm install ionicons@dev

欧洲杯官网投注Some key improvements to highlight are:

  • Public Animations and Gesture API
  • Updated component design to match the latest iOS and Material spec
  • Easier customization with CSS Variables
  • Revamped Ionicons

Please take some time to test out this RC and

Cheers 🍻

  • .

Ionic Animations Image

Building efficient animations has traditionally been hard. Developers are often limited by the libraries available to them as well as the hardware that their apps run on. On top of that, many of these animation libraries use a JavaScript-driven approach to running animations where they handle the calculation of your animation’s values at every step in a requestAnimationFrame event loop.

To combat these issues we have created Ionic Animations. Ionic Animations is an open source animations utility that provides the tools developers need to build highly performant animations regardless of the framework they are using. Ionic Animations is more performant than leading animation libraries, which is why we are especially excited about its release. Officially part of our upcoming 5.0 release, we wanted to take some time to dig into what Ionic Animations is and why it is different than other animation libraries.

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